Ovens for bakeries and pizzerias. After years of research and development, build wood stoves and / or gas, mixed prefabricated large scale production of bread. The main features of our bakery are: 1) house: The oven in the bakery will be built in two days. 2) Firing of bread: Is made with a frame through the front door, 2.4 meters or 3 meters, divided into 4 / 5 branches from 60 cm. 3) Loading of wood: With a comfortable firebox rear / side, left or right, with a grille door and drawer to collect ashes. 4) Clean: The cooking surface stays clean because it is separated from the firebox. 5) Consumption: The time low, good insulation, the form of exhaust fumes, allowing a considerable saving of wood and / or gas. 6) Dimensions: The large size of these models allow a substantial production of bread. 7) Duration: The use of the best refractory furnace ensures our longevity. 8) Coating Oven: The oven can be mounted with cover stainless steel wire or on a masonry base. 9) Power of oven: A wood or gas burner with automatic temperature control. 10) Installation and maintenance performed by our technicians. Send us a request for a free estimate.

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